For Training purposes

For Training purposes


Mission 15, “Scouting Mission”

scoutingI really wanted to remember a fun quote from this Mission for you guys… but I don’t. It did have some funny ones.

So, I went for a run a lot earlier than normal today. The sun is starting to go down faster, and I find myself more and more feeling less in the mood the later I wait. Since I am also doing the GameSkinny internship and still working on helping AI’s Solidarity Campaign, it’s just better to get it out of the way.

This mission started out seeming like it was just your normal, run of the mill scouting trip. Three runners go out, I among them. Zoms weren’t really noisy last run or two–what was there to worry about? That was, until we stumbled upon something to worry about…

Unfortunately for you, I don’t give out spoilers! So if you want to know what I guess you’ll have to just run the mission for yourself.

Training Report

I felt tired today, for no particular reason. My muscles in my right thigh were bothering me, also. I try to stretch a little after each run, but I think I need to get a foam roller and be more serious. I’ve already injured myself in the past from running, and mostly because half the time I don’t know what I’m doing.

I have also been trying to drink a LOT more water. It’s kind of my one problem. For a while now (I’d say at least 2 years, maybe more), I have been eating pretty healthy. And other than booze every now and then when I am having fun, I don’t drink much besides coffee. No soda, at least. Yet, I also don’t drink much of anything that is healthy for me either, and that includes water.

If I hope to really get into the right fitness for this half marathon, I’m going to have to change that!

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