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Mission 14, "Virtuous Circle"

“You have picked up a bottle of whiskey, and a book.”

Well, you know your run is going well when you hear that. This was my second “official” run for training. I’ve been running for a few weeks before this trying to get back in shape, but we won’t count those.
Today’s Mission was #14. It involved the trusty radio operator you normally hear in almost every mission, Sam Yao, and the medical officer, Dr. Maxine Myers. I don’t think I’m giving too much away by saying you went on a supplies run for fun items for this one. It was a really quick mission–only 21 minutes long. That suited me fine as I was already late for a house warming party, so instead of running more I just called it quits and headed home.
There was another great comment while I was running the mission, when Sam said:

“Maybe you could even pretend the zombies are a game in a way… no, never mind, that would be silly.”

The Zombies, run! app also has a feature that as soon as you finish a Mission, it goes into “radio” mode. This basically is just two character’s audio being prompted in between songs. Usually, it’s them just joking around.
Training wise I felt a little tired today, which sucked. I always say that this stuff is more mental than physical. In the end your body can always handle it–it’s your mind that has to.
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