Marine Corps Marathon Changes To Flatter Course

Marine Corps Marathon Changes To Flatter Course

For all you runners out there doing the race, the course is changing this year!

“When runners embark on the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon in late October, they will have a flatter course to traverse than they did the past six years.

On Tuesday, race organizers released the map for the 38th running of the marathon, which, most notably, does not include the 150-foot grade that challenged runners as they made their way around the Georgetown Reservoir. It’s a change veterans of the marathon like Fort Washington’s George Banker welcome.”


A Marathon Run On A Glacier

A Marathon Run On A Glacier

Yes, this is a REAL thing. There is a race out there, god help them, where people run a marathon… on a glacier. Why? Because apparently zombie runs, 26.2 miles, Tough Mudders, and any number of other races we already have out there is just not enough.

As much as I admire these people, I think I’ll have to draw the line here. Although, I bet there are less zombies in really cold places. I bet they’d stay outdoors too long, and their limbs would freeze stuck and become unmovable.