Why are you running a half marathon?

I’m a volunteer.

Around a year ago, I began to volunteer part time for this amazing non-profit called Amman Imman: Water is Life. They bring clean, sustainable drinking water to an area in Africa called the Azawak (near Niger). The people here often have to walk a marathon’s distance a day just to find any water, never mind clean water. What’s more, after we are able to successfully fund and complete a borehole (the source of water), we don’t stop there. We continue to help to improve other qualities of life that just aren’t available to the people who live here; things like education, health care, and more.

This virtual Half Marathon is a part of Amman Imman’s Solidarity Challenge, and the Marine Corps Marathon.

We have 18 runners runners who are running for us and fundraising for the Marine Corps Marathon.  To show our support for them, we have decided to ask anyone who is willing to challenge themselves. Run. Walk. Climb. Ride a bike. Play guitar. Paint a picture. Do anything you can think of, anything at all that will challenge yourself.

The deadline is October 27th, which I just so happen to turn 30 years old on.

Water is something I take for granted I’ll always have–it’s just there, like a soft bed is at the end of the day. You don’t look at the bed for a moment and think, “I’m so lucky to have this.”  Throughout my childhood and life I have never had to worry about such things. This way of thinking is a luxury; we just don’t always realize it.

Although I could never understand from experience, I can in the form of compassion and solidarity. So those 18 runners who are willing to go 26.2 miles, and for all those men, women, and children who have no other choice but to walk these miles, I am challenging myself to as well.

Will you take this journey with me?

13.1 miles | Half Marathon | October 2013


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