I’m a runner.

But until recently, I have always been a casual runner. I run for fun and for fitness, but never so much that I would be able to compete in a race. I love running.

I’m also solo runner.

I have always been this way. I just don’t like talking when I run, so I have never really been able to run with a group or partner.

I’m a ninja.

Well, kinda. I started to run originally to get extra fitness in with the brazilian jiu jitsu I also trained in off and on. I am currently at blue belt. I started around 5 years ago, more or less. I love it. Although I never trained on a consistent basis, taking jiu jitsu completely changed my life. I became a much healthier person in general. Not only did I start enjoying exercise and being healthy, but I changed the food I ate as well. I stopped eating junk food. No more burgers and french fries. No more soda (not that I drank a ton but). No more eating late at night, or at odd hours during the day.

Now, I check labels. Not to count calories, because I don’t care about that. To count nutrition. To look for healthy, natural ingredients instead of processed crap.

I’m human.

I make mistakes. I don’t always exercise when I should. Sometimes, I binge out on ice cream or candy while watching a sad romantic comedy… *cough*. The point is, I’m not perfect. I strive to become someone fit, happy, and healthy and along the way I know there are good and bad points.

But I think a lot of us can relate.



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